Humans & Neanderthals were engaged in 100,000 year battle

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Humans & Neanderthals were engaged in 100,000 year battle

Archaeology News: Humans and neanderthals were engaged in 100,000 year battle.

HUMANS and neanderthals were engaged in a 100,000 year battle to determine who would become the most dominant of the Homo species on Earth, archaeologists believe.

Homo neanderthalensis, or neanderthals, and Homo sapiens, which are us, both sprung from the same evolutionary branch. Around 600,000 years ago, humanity split in two. The people were refer to as cavemen headed up to Europe and Asia while Homo sapiens stayed put in Africa.

However, it was this split which ultimately led to war for top spot between the two species.

Both Homo sapiens and neanderthals were extremely adept at hunting, fighting and organising – three traits key to warfare. neanderthals boomed out across the world, humans were forced to stay in Africa.

However, it was because of the immense breeding power of humans that we eventually had to move out of Africa in search for new habitats and food.

Archaeology news: Humans and neanderthals were engaged in 100,000 year battle (Image: GETTY)

Archaeology news: Map of spread of humans

Archaeology news: This map shows the spread of Homo sapiens (Image: GETTY)

Unfortunately for humans, neanderthals had already made their mark on the planet and occupied the placed humans wanted to make their own.

This led to a battle for dominance between the two species which your ancestors won.

Humans and neanderthals share very similar anatomy and they also had 99.7 percent the same DNA.

As you can imagine, this means they were virtually the same as us; which included being extremely territorial and to take whatever is there for the taking.

Archaeology news:  Human and homo sapien skulls

Archaeology news: The difference between homo sapiens and neanderthal skulls (Image: GETTY)

According to Nicholas Longrich, senior lecturer in evolutionary biology and palaeontology at the University of Bath, said it was their resistance and humans need to conquer which led to a 100,000 year war to determine who was top dog. Ultimately, humanity won out.

Mr Longrich said: “War leaves a subtler mark in the form of territorial boundaries. The best evidence that Neanderthals not only fought but excelled at war, is that they met us and weren’t immediately overrun.

“Instead, for around 100,000 years, Neanderthals resisted modern human expansion.

“Why else would we take so long to leave Africa? Not because the environment was hostile but because Neanderthals were already thriving in Europe and Asia.


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