African Countries Currently Operating the FASTEST TRAINS in Africa

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African Countries Currently Operating the FASTEST TRAINS in Africa

Countries Currently operating the Fastest Trains in Africa

Hello Displorers, Welcome back to another informative video and thanks for watching, In this video we shall be taking a look at the African countries currently operating the fastest trains in Africa. Train is one of safest, fastest and preferred mode of transport in the world. One amazing fact with Railway transport is that its economical, quicker and best suited for carrying heavy and bulky goodsover long distances. Over the years the Rail Industry in Africa has witness tremendous growth not only by an increase in railways but an increase in High speed trains. In Africa, countries such as Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Algeria has some of the best railway systems on the continent, However in this video we shall be focusing on the African countries that are operating the fastest trains in terms of Km covered per hour.


If you are new here welcome, be sure to subscribe and turn on notification so you don’t miss any of our videos So without any further ado here are the African countries currently operating the fastest trains. Morocco – LGV – (360km/h) Starting off ,We have the North African Country of Morocco …Currently in Africa Morocco holds the title not only for the fastest trains but also the best Railway system on the Continent. Rail transport in Morocco was initially developed during the protectorate.

South Africa – Gautrains – 160 Km/H

Before Morocco became the leader of rail transport in Africa, South Africa held the title for many years. Rail transport in South Africa is an important element of the country’s transport infrastructure. All major cities are connected by rail, and South Africa’s railway system is the most highly developed in Africa. The first track for steam-powered locomotives was a line of about 3.2 kilometres (2 mi) by the Natal Railway Company, linking the town of Durban with Harbour Point, opened on 26 June 1860. Today, Nearly all railways in South Africa use a 1,067 mm Cape gauge track. Between 50% to 80% of the rail lines in South Africa are electrified. Different voltages are used for different types of trains. Most electrified trains run 3000 V DC (overhead); this is used primarily for commuter lines, and has been in use since the 1920s. Transnet (and previously Spoornet and its predecessor) became famous for its luxury rail lines, most notably the Blue Train, which runs from Cape Town to Pretoria. The Blue Line has frequently been named the best luxury train line in the world, and the 1,806 kilometres run is a popular tourist attraction for South Africa. Currently in South Africa, the fastest trains are being operated by Gautrain and can run up to 160 km per hour linking Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekurhuleni and OR Tambo International Airport.


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